Tempters of Fate

Threads that Bind: Aardalea

The story so far, part: 1

The party (at the time consisting of Avalac, Evender, S’landrar) was hired by a mysterious patron to kidnap a girl Named Aardalea from the Denairastas family of Iopos. After capturing her, they were supposed to drop her off at a Theran air ship at Sky Point. Although the task was presented in a way, suggesting that the ship belongs to Theran traitor, this was in fact a genuine Theran ship. The party’s employer was in fact a dragonspawn, serving the tainted dragon Vestrivan who was planning to hasten the clash between Denairastas, the Theran Empire and the Great Dragons of Barsaive. For this task Leithian joined the team, to be a guide and to keep an eye on the PCs.

The PCs were able to sneak into Iopos using the Horror-infested sewers and located the girl, who was kidnapped from her family by insurgents, sponsored by the Great Dragons. They managed to capture her and escape the city, only being stopped by the Great Dragon Denairastas himself. Using Aardalea as a hostage they managed to hold the dragon at bay long enough for him to be scared off by Mountainshadow himself.

They escaped travelling through the Poisonous Wood and decided to replenish their supplies in the city of Jerris. One of the Great Dragons, Usun, lacking the patience of his peers, laid a siege around the city, demanding handing Aardalea over to him. The party managed to slip out of Jerris only when the dragon was distracted by four Theran kilas ariving. In the battle that occured, two ships were destroyed and the dragon severly wounded and forced to retreat to Liaj Jungle. As the Therans were regarded by the citizens of Jerris as saviours and heroes who saved the city from the beast, the city easily switched allegiance to the Empire.

The party moved south, attempting to pass the Delaris Mountains. There they had to stop at the troll village belonging to the Stone Axe Clan. Despite the initially cold welcome, they earned their respect by destroying a tainted Liferock that was spawning corrupt obsidiman constructs that were threatening the camp. Later they exposed a troll spying for the Therans and proved their courage by capturing True Air in the Pit of Storm.

As the party continued their travel towards Sky Point, in one village they were recognized by lord Sentrosh, an old enemy from the past. As the fight broke out, they were barely able to escape with their lives but now they suspected Theran authorities were aware of them. They didn’t know that Sentrosh wanting the girl for himself, didn’t inform anyone – except his lover and ally Syglinda.

Thanks to this, they’ve managed to enter Vrontok – the slaver city in the shadow of Sky Point’s pillars. However there Sentrosh was waiting with a trap and effortlessly captured them. They only were able to escape when Syglinda tried to betray Sentrosh and acquire Aardalea only for herself. In the chaos that ensued as the allies turned to each other, the party managed to sneak onto the ship waiting for them and fly away, closely pursued by Theran ships.

Because of the mystery surrounding their employer, the party was almost expecting to be betrayed after the completion of the task, but they were paid the sum that was agreed – which turned out to be much too low in relation to the costs of the quest.

However that was only the beginning of their problems…



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