Tempters of Fate

Threads that Bind: Creana

The story so far, part 2

The Great Dragons soon learned that the party was responsible for delivering Aardalea to the Theran Empire. As the girl was taken to Creana, a land forbidden to dragons, and the wyrms couldn’t free her directly they began to devise a plan. One of them, a Great Dragon Named Icewing who was in possession of a Pattern Item belonging to one of the PCs, summoned them.

They were presented with an ultimatum – take part in recapturing Aardalea from Creana or die a horrible death. Obviously they agreed and begin to serve as Icewing’s team. They were sent to Creana, along with adepts serving Mountainshadow, Vasdenjas and Aban.

There the party began to gain favour among the Theran officials, by performing tasks such as defeating the mummies or granting eternal sleep to a tainted pharon. It was then, when the party encountered a village corrupted by the influence of Giftbringer – a powerful Horror, who turned Name-givers against each others. Unfortunately PCs, were no match for the Horror and could only escape the village. When they returned with reinforcements of Theran light cavalry, the village was tainted beyond redemption and the only viable solution was to exterminate it.

Finally, aftering gaining favour of Hefera one of the chief magicians of the laboratory in which Aardalea was held, the party, along with other teams of adepts managed to infiltrate the castle. They’ve manage to spirit the girl from the laboratory just moments before assassin’s sent by Denairastas family sneaked in. In the chaos of the retreat, PCs were separated from other teams, especially from the Silvery Blades, who were supposed to take Aardalea.

Their escape covered by other teams, they’ve managed to escape Creana to a hidden air ship. Before they reached Barsaive, they were intercepted by a Denairastas party and Aardalea was captured. Before the girl could be teleported to Iopos, the team recaptured her but among the fighting it became evident that her latent powers were awakened by the experiments of the Therans. She transformed into a dragonspawn and only Avalac was able to eventually calm her down.

Finally one last obstacle was in the way of PCs. When they were approaching Barsaive from the South, they were attacked by a tainted dragon serving Vestrivan, who was trying to recapture Aardalea. The dragon however was scared off by the appearance of Mountainshadow and the team handed the girl over to Mountainshadow. After this they were offered to work for him. Taking into consideration that at least four Great Dragons – Denairastas, Usun, Icewing and Vestrivan – probably wanted them dead, the party agreed, hoping that Mountainshadow could protect them.



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