Tempters of Fate

Threads that Bind: II Theran War

The story so far, part 3

As the PCs were leaving Barsaive with Aardalea, they witnessed the opening shots of the II Theran War. Four kilas engaged Usun as he was besieging Jerris and after sustaining grievous casualties they’ve managed to severly wound the dragon and forced him to retreat. Because of this, they were hailed as the saviours of Jerris and the city switched allegiance to the Empire.

While the PCs were in Creana for about half a year, the Theran Empire under the command of Admiral Nicar Carinci was mustering their strength and preparing for offensive. A month before the PCs returned to Barsaive, the Theran’s had finally made their move. Triumph – a powerful behemoth and the flagship of the Theran Navy in the province landed on the Ayodhya Liferock, trapping the Dreaming obsidimans and channeling the Liferock’s energies in order to protect the grounded ship with an invincible force field. This act of sacrilege, led the formerly neutral merchant Omasu to stage an uprising, Named The Liferock Rebellion.

Meanwhile the Theran forces started to launch a full offensive against Barsaive. Kratas fell almost immediately, although keeping it was a definitely different matter – guerilla warfare conducted by Thieves of this city quickly turned from a nuissance to a serious inconvenience, especially as for probably the first time in history the two strongest gangs The Power of the Eye and Brocher’s Brood had a common enemy. Another part of the Theran fleet assualted Travar and managed to take it as the K’tenshin blocade prevented the aropagoi V’strimon from reinforcing the city.

The first task of the Tempters of Fate, as the team was now Named, was to balance the scales of the Theran and Barsavian fleets. As Throal and other powers of Barsaive had nothing that was a match for the behemoth or even kilas, Mountainshadow ordered them to recover plans of Air Galleons, burried in the tomb of their Scythan designer – as the Throalic plans mysteriously disappeared. They’ve managed to gain help from a Horror Stalker Named Grathus the Unyielding, who was beginning to organize a crusade to retake Scytha from the Horrors. After locating the tomb and bringing the plans back to Throal they were invited by the king Varulus III to celebrate their success.

During the celebrations, the king excused himself feeling weak. Unfortunately as the celebration continued, Valrog the Hotheaded – Varulus’ personal bodyguard and captain of guards – came to announce the king was dead. As everyone, including the PCs, prince Neden, queen Dollas and Merrox rushed to the king’s chamber they found him flayed alive – just as his son was when he was captured by the Therans. Investigation performed revealed that the king’s healer was in fact an impostor and assassin. Unfortunately, while the conspirers who were aiding her were captured, she managed to evade capture.

As her identity – that of Jada Denairastas – wasn’t discovered until quite late, Neden, convinced that they Theran’s were behind the assassination, launched a reckless and unprepared strike against the Triumph itself. As the force field protecting the behemoth proved to be impenetrable, his forced suffered serious losses and were forced to withdraw in shame.



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