Tempters of Fate

Threads that Bind: Barsaive Strikes Back

The story so far, part 4

After the humiliating defeat suffered by the Throalic forces at the Battle of Prajjor’s Fields, the Theran Empire was ready to launch a final assault against Barsavian forces. Dividing its fleet and army, Nicar assaulted at the same time the Cliff City of Aropagoi Syrtis and the Floating City of Aropagoi V’strimon. Furthermore, the majority of Syrtis’ ships was tied battling Ishkarats, while strategically placed Theran kilas, prevented Throal from using the river to reinforce V’strimon positions.

Despite S’landrar V’strimon, Evender and Leithian taking the command of the majority of V’strimon forces, the t’skrang have suffered a great defeat, as the Theran magician Azim Kheel froze the waters of Lake Ban and disabled the V’strimon fleet, allowing Theran’s and their K’tenshin allies to destroy all ships but two. Fortunately the magical barriers protecting the Floating City enabled them to survive the assault.

S’landrar ventured to the city of Urupa to beg the City Council for reinforcements. Unfortunately Theran plots and the pressure from people from over Aras persuaded the officials to remain neutral. Fortunately the most popular person on the council – Felinda Jer – offered S’landrar to buy her ships at a discount price. He managed to procure the funds from Omasu and used them not only to acquire ships but also to hire mercenaries.

Meanwhile Evender managed to convince the Scavians to ally with V’strimon and together with S’landrar’s mercenaries they assaulted Theran kilas blocking the northern tributary, which allowed Throal to send reinforcements. All of those forces combined proved enough to smash the unsuspecting K’tenshin fleet and force them to retreat before the Therans could send reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Throal forced, bolstered by the first constructed air galeon Varulus relieved the besieged Syrtis and forced the invading Theran forces to withdraw. This two battles are considered to be the turning point of the II Theran War. Before the Barsavians could act and press their advantage, they were targeted by a hidden enemy – the Denairastas. As the Allied War Council was discussing ways of disabling the force field protecting Triumph, the assistance of the Fellowship of the Night was suggested, as their knowledge about utilizing the powers of Liferocks was unparalleled. However a Denairastas Golden Branch adept managed to persuade Omasu that their power, coming from a corrupted Liferock, is blasphemous and not better then what the Theran’s did with Ayodhya. The enraged obsidiman captured Shivalahala V’strimon and held her hostage, demanding to stop negotiations with the Fellowship. He only agreed to hear the Tempters of Fate. Fortunately they’ve managed to convince him that it is the only solution and he relented. Despite this, the Denairastas Adept tried to destroy the core of power of the Floating City but again the Tempters of Fate managed to stop and capture him.



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