Ajmar the Admirable

The Court Wizard and Adviser in all matters concerning magic.


Ajmar is an eleventh Circle adept Wizard. He has been the Court Wizard and the adviser in all matters connected with magic since the days of late king Varulus III. Prideful and arrogant, he nevertheless is a skilled magician with vast knowledge. He became a close friend of Neden, as he was entertaining the young prince with the tales of his adventuring. Ajmar has a vocal opposition in the Court, mainly from the members of the Huari faction who detest the idea that the king is paying more attention to the advice of some orc adventurer than to theirs.

His age is unknown but as because of their short life-spans, only few orcs manage to achieve such high Circles, it is assumed that he somehow uses magic to extend his life.


Before Entering the Service of Throal

In his youth Ajmar was a skilled adventurer, travelling with other adepts. During his travels he encountered the Horror Artificer which nearly cost him one of his friends.

Ajmar the Admirable

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