Dollas Avalus nee Moberl

Queen Mother, gentle, sensitive and reasonable.


Dollas is Neden’s mother, which makes her the Queen Mother of Throal. She is gentle, reasonable, insightful and has great social skills. She used them during the days of the reign of Varulus – her husband – and now employs them in the service of her son. She is easily the most respected person in the whole royal family. having earned a grudging respect of many of her husband’s and son’s most vocal opponents.



Dollas comes from the Huari House Moberl. Her parents insisted on her union with Varulus, hoping that she may “convert” him. Instead the young queen became so smitten by her husband and his idealistic visions for Barsaive that she became his closest supporter. Although their marriage started as a purely political one and despite Varulus being quite a lot older than his bride, the pair quickly fell in love with each other and created a happy marriage. Dollas still grieves over the death of her husband and while she hates the Denairastas for killing him, she is wise enough to see that an all-out war between Throal and Iopos is best to be avoided.

Dollas Avalus nee Moberl

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