Welcome everyone!

Some one year (or so) ago I started to chronicle the campaign my team and me are playing since 2002. As I’ve made the mistake of writing it in Polish I didn’t receive a lot of feedback. Furthermore I quickly found myself burned out, trying to remember the details of sessions that were 7 years ago.

That’s why I decided to reboot it – start to write chronicles covering the latter period of my campaign. The period in which new players and characters joined, while the old ones departed and – what is also important – period that I have loosely described in my notes, so it will be much easier. And all this in English.

As this chronicle as the characters are quite powerful, approaching VIII Circle, it should come as now surprise that they’re actions have a major influence on the shape of Barsaive. The work for Great Dragons, battle Named Horrors and advise kings. They are the Heroes.

Tempters of Fate